Aerial Photography Survey

In 2021, I'm hoping to take my circus photography up a notch and want peoples opinions and expectations of a photoshoot, aerial based or not.

I've created this short survey to try gauge what people thought on this and various other associated ideas, hopefully to see things people like the idea of and then can use this as a basis of a plan going forward.

Before you begin, it's probably worth taking a look at my full portfolio especially the aerial gallery.

This survey is completely anonymous, it may feel a bit long but shouldn't take more than ten minutes and can be answered with some simple yes/no answers. Plus there's even the opportunity for some free photoshoots or workshops at the end.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me a message and hopefully I can answer them!

Please answer these as though we are currently in a non covid world.

Thank You!

Please provide your email address to begin.

Are you or have you ever been (tick all that apply, the questions will be tailored accordingly).

Do you like my photographic work in general?

Do you feel my work in general has value?

Do you like my aerial/circus work?

Do you feel my aerial/circus work has value?

Do you think there is anything I could do to improve my work? (If so please provide some comments)

Have we worked together previously?

Is there any aspects of the way I've worked previously you would like to change, e.g. communication, timescales, professionalism, options, image delivery and selection, technical ability

Excusing things like time and distance, given the opportunity, would you work with me again?

Excusing things like time and distance, given the opportunity, would you like to work with me?

Would you feel comfortable working private/1-2-1 sessions with a photographer, compared to as part of an organised school/studio day (may also include a spotter, assistant, MUA etc etc depending on arrangements, a companion/chaperone is also always welcome with me)

Is there anything you feel that could be done, to make you feel more comfortable booking a private session?

If you were having a photoshoot, for whatever reason, would you prefer?

If cost wasn't an issue. How frequently would you like the option of attending an aerial photoshoot.

Would you be willing to attend an open studio day, (a dedicated day or weekend with no affiliation to school or aerial studio) rather than a day in house at your school/studio? (presume all correct safety necessities in place)

Do you think professional hair/makeup with a qualified HMUA (hair/makeup artist) makes a difference on photographic output.

Cost dependent. If the option was available, would you consider having your hair and makeup professionally done for a shoot.

As well as samples of previous work what sort of information would you like to know before working with a photographer for the first time, e.g. testimonials

If you wanted some images printed, would you prefer the photographer did this, or would you be happy to print yourself?

Despite on planning to keep the businesses seperate, would my other work, which occasionly includes lingerie or implied nude impact your decision to work with me.

(Please view the work on my main website to determine the levels and genres I tend to shoot. Please note, I do not, and have no desire to shoot anything considered glamour or adult)

Are there any themes and styles you think would look great in aerial?

I already have some ideas and would love some more suggestions. (Many of which I need help with to test ;)).

Although not something I currently shoot, if in the future I offered the option of shooting aerial/circus in an art nude style, do you think this would have a negative impact on my other aerial work .

(Please check out my friend @em.theresalwaysone on instagram and have a scroll for an idea of the sorts of images)

For an aerial photoshoot, would a suitable purpose studio (for example with proper and rated tether points) be required, or if the right apparatus was used (rated rig, crashmat, spotter etc) would any suitable location would suffice (e.g. a freestanding rig within a photographic studio).

If a photographer attended a shoot at a school or studio they haven't worked at before, is it their reponsibility to ensure that relevant certification is in place before proceeding?

If attending a venue you haven't been to before do you ensure that relevant certification is in place before proceeding?

With respects to photography do you expect anyone working as a photographer to have formal qualifications, training, certification, or be members of any associations?

Please note. I do not have any of these, but I do have insurance, including public liability.

Do you expect anyone working in  the aerial/circus space (other then the instructor) to have formal qualifications, training, certifcation, or be members of any associations? (All relevant insurances are a must)

On a photoshoot do you feel a seperate spotter is necessary, or it is a role a photographer could fill simultaneously to shooting.

When shooting circus safety should be a high priority:

Unless with an instructor who knows your ability, a photoshoot is not the time to be pushing your limits, and should be well within your comfort zone:

Should people with no prior formal aerial/circus experience be allowed on aerial apparatus for or during a photoshoot?

If a photographer periodically held a studio day at your school or a local venue (say annually), what factors would impact your decision to attend.

Would you feel comfortable having a shoot at (please presume all apparatus being used is correctly rated and rigged) :

Have you seen the work of or worked with any other aerial circus photographers?

Is there anything you think these photographers do better, or do which I could do to improve my own work?

After a photoshoot I would usually cull any dead frames (complete black where a flash didn't fire), badly out of focus or badly shot (limbs out of frame) images before you would see them. Is it acceptable to also remove images that would proove difficult or too time consuming to retouch that may otherwise be ok?

I provide images resized for instagram (insta only allows a maximum of 4x5 on portrait images where I deliver images 2x3). If you had a photoshoot would you object if resized images included a watermark by default? (with the option to have without) for advertising purposes?

Image wise do you prefer quality over quantity of images received?

If you had a photoshoot, would you pay extra to receive a copy of all images without any post processing done to them?

If you had a photoshoot, would you be willing to pay less for an image if no or less post processing has been done on it?

Is an expected delivery of images within 28days of ordering them acceptable?

Is a maximum of 56 days turn around for all images accepable. (Presuming all images included in any packages are provided are delivered within 28days)?

As long as data has not been lost, and as long as you have been made aware, is it acceptable for these time scales to change due to an unforseen issue (e.g. computer or networking failures, natural disaster, family problem)?

After a shoot and images have been delivered would you have an issue with a photographer deleting all redundant images after a pre determined period of time, e.g. a year, or should a photographer keep these.

(Please note, currently I keep all images indefinitely. I still have nightclub work from over ten years ago somewhere. I have no plan to change this way of working at the moment)

Is it the photographers responsibility to keep copies of edits after they've been delivered?

If I offered 1-2-1 training in photography basics (such as basics on using a camera) would this be of interest?

If I offered free webinars, e.g. how to organise and run a studio day would this be of interest?

If I offered 1-2-1 tuition, e.g. lightroom workflows would this be of interest?

If I offered workshops, e.g. chance to shoot circus with professional circus performers would this be of interest.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Are circus folk the best people ever?

Any other comments

Would you be interested in waiving your anonymity and allow me to potentially discuss your answers with you?

If so please provide some details.

Would you be interested in holding an aerial studio day at your school?

If so please provide some details so i can get in touch (this list is kept independent, so the survey will still remain anonymous)

In return for a free aerial photoshoot and some edited images, would you be interested in being a test subject for various styles and theming I'm looking at being able to offer?

If so please provide some details so i can get in touch (this list is kept independent, so the survey will still remain anonymous)

If interested I may have some space available for both paid and unpaid assistant and shadowing opportunites, would these be of interest?

If so please provide some details so i can get in touch (this list is kept independent, so the survey will still remain anonymous)

Would you be interested in being a guinea pig for some workflow training? (Even better if you have experience)

If so please provide some details so i can get in touch (this list is kept independent, so the survey will still remain anonymous)